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Road Trip Preparations 

When you're driving around town you don't usually worry too much about the condition of your car.  As long as it starts, runs okay and isn't making any frightening noises we tend to leave things be.  That all changes when we head out on road trips!  Your car should be inspected regularly by a facility like ours and certainly before a major trip but don't forget that there a number of things that you should be checking regularly to ensure you don't develope problems that could have been avoided.  

-Check your engine oil level, not only regularly, but at least once a month check the level.  If you do not know how, we'd be glad to show you.

-Tire pressure is the key to proper handling and braking of your car but correct pressure helps your tires last longer.

-Keep your washer resevoir topped up and wiper blades in good condition.  Don't forget to wash the inside of your windows regularly with glass cleaner to help prevent fogging and to keep the glass streat free.

If you are heading out and your car hasn't been inspected recently, schedule an appointment and let us make sure everything is proper working condition.

We check a number of critical things such as:

-Levels for engine oil differential and transmission

-Hoses and belts in your engine compartment

-Coolant levels and condition

-Tire condition and tread life

-Brake pads and discs

-Battery Health 

-A road test to check for vibrations or noises that would indicate existing problems

Have a great summer of motoring!

Simon, Ante and Marina